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Our Favorite Parenting Resolutions for 2024

Our Favorite Parenting Resolutions for 2024

When 2023 gives you lemons, squeeze it over your stove top, add baking soda, and scrub off those stains in 2024. Or just squeeze them into the eyes of your enemies…

Perhaps a past you would’ve thought you’d be getting your ideal life right now: Daily yoga, a sparkling clean house, and a 2-year plan to see the world. 

But sometimes, when tiny humans enter your life, your resolutions need a couple of quick adjustments. You’ve taken a step back as you watched them upturn your home with crayons and sticky fingers. 



 The new year might bring a lot of dread for some of us, but guess what? 2024 can be different! Your resolutions with your little ones don’t have to be all about becoming the Pinterest-perfect parent with an aesthetic kitchen. 

Instead, it’s all about finding joy in the chaos. It’s about making memories and routines that stick and finding ways to rediscover sides of pre-kid you.  

So ditch the guilt, grab your reusable coffee mug, and let’s dive into some achievable and soul-nourishing parenting resolutions for the new year.

And maybe if you read all the way through, you might find yourself a cheeky little promo code (*wink wink*) from us. Just to help you out in the new year. (Thank us later). 

2024 New Year Parenting Resolutions


1. Comparison Traps are Out, and Being Yourself Is In

Social media parents’ highlight reels are not real-life, friends. Parenthood isn’t like what we see on social media. This year, we want you to celebrate your unique parenting superpowers. Embrace your spilled Cheerios and messy buns, and build the biggest blanket fort your kiddos deserve.



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2. Make "Family Fun" a Non-Negotiable

In 2024, we’re emphasizing family time because laughter and memories are two of the best medicines in life. Here are some of the ways you can spend more time together: 

  • Epic board game nights
  • Outdoor adventures at the park (make sure you’ve ticked off all the essentials before you leave!)
  • Movie marathons (with *lots* of popcorn)
  • Backyard camping (with smores and stargazing)
  • Baking and cooking together
  • Tidying up the house together
  • Weekly grocery runs

 And when you’re ready for some quality time with the kiddos, bring along a good diaper bag. You can go the extra mile with our diaper bag organizers from Easy Baby to keep your baby’s essentials organized. That way, you can enjoy a fuss-free new year in 2024! 

3. Embrace the "Yes" List

Likewise, we’re saying yes to other things that make your family happy this year: Impromptu dance parties, having ice cream for breakfast (once in a while!), and getting toys at Target for their birthday. These little "yeses" fuel your child's sense of adventure and show them that life is meant to be savored, not scheduled. Don't worry, structure still exists (hello bedtime!), but sprinkle in some spontaneity and watch the joy unfold.

4. Self-Care Isn't Selfish, It's Superpower Fuel

Remember that pre-kid you who knew how to have fun and do the things you loved? She’s still there mama (or papa!). Schedule a weekly “me-time” ritual, even if it’s just 15 minutes out of your day. Treat yourself to a spontaneous cafe date, a long bath, or even a good book. A happy, relaxed you is a better parent, and honestly, you deserve it. 


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5. Say Goodbye to High Screen Time

As a parent in the digital age, we use our phones to document our parenting milestones and to keep track of our busy schedules. However, it’s still also important to take a step back from our devices. Stay present with your loved ones by putting screen time limits throughout the day and putting your phones away before bed. That way, you can snuggle up with your little ones and tell them a bedtime story without interruptions.

P.S. If your little ones need new jammies, blankets, and sleep nests for bedtime, come check out our collection at Baby DeeDee. We promise we’ll help keep them warm in 2024’s coldest nights. 

6. Slow Down and Breathe

As a parent, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by all the responsibilities on your shoulders. In 2024, we’re slowing down. You’re allowed to rest, and no one should guilt you for it. Give yourself a break between your daily tasks, and delegate the chores to other members of your family. You can also consider starting a routine a few minutes early if that will help you feel less stressed.

On the day-to-day, you can put your baby in our baby bouncer seat to keep them entertained while you catch up on chores nearby. At night, bring up the toddler bed rail guard to keep your loved ones safe while you sleep through the night.  

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Bonus: Progress, not perfection

Always remember that some days will be messy, filled with epic tantrums, and insane piles of laundry that will defy gravity. But amidst the chaos, there will be giggles, snuggles, and moments of pure, unadulterated love. 



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In 2024, let’s raise our reusable coffee mugs to embrace the perfectly imperfect journey of parenthood. Cheers to you, fellow millennial mamas and papas! You've got this. 

And because we really want you to be able to start the year right, use the code NEWYEAR15 at our sale for 15% off play, safety and organization essentials that will help you thrive away.


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