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How To Buy The Perfect Toddler Bed: Tips and Recommendations

How To Buy The Perfect Toddler Bed: Tips and Recommendations

Transitioning your little one from a crib to a toddler bed is a milestone in any child’s development. When I first started transitioning Artie to a toddler bed, I wanted to make sure my boy was safe as he adjusted to a new bed. To ensure this, I did a lot of research before choosing the right toddler bed for him. In my guide, I’ll be sharing with you tips on how to choose the perfect toddler bed, and essentials for your kid’s new room. 


Where do I buy a toddler bed?

You can shop for a toddler bed at any furniture store like IKEA or any retail store that has baby and toddler beds like Target and Walmart. I got my son’s toddler bed for boys from IKEA because I liked their options for kid beds. 


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Essentials for a toddler bed

Once you’ve selected the toddler bed for your kid, here’s a list of essentials you need to get:

  • Toddler bed mattress
  • Toddler bedding sets
  • A secure toddler bed frame
  • Your kid’s favorite toys 
  • Toddler bed pillows
  • Toddler bed blankets 
  • Toddler bed rail guard

For those looking for a good toddler bed rail guard, I highly recommend ComfyBumpy’s toddler bed rail guard. When I first ordered mine, I found it so easy to install to Artie’s bed when it arrived and I love how secure it is! I can pull it up or down whenever I need to clean the bed or change the bedsheets, and my husband loves how the bed rail complements Artie’s room design. 

Download our toddler bed essentials checklist on our community here!


How to choose the toddler bed frame

 1. Safety features

One of my top concerns for a toddler bed for my boy was safety. That’s why you need to go for a toddler bed with a secure bed frame. Look for one with rounded corners, sturdy construction, and low height to prevent injuries from falls. Ensure the frame complies with safety standards and certifications, indicating that it has been tested for lead and other harmful substances.


 2. Material and durability

Toddler bed frames come in various materials including wood, metal, and plastic. Wooden frames are popular for their durability and timeless look, while metal frames can offer sleeker, more modern aesthetics. Plastic frames can be lightweight and often feature colorful, themed designs that appeal to young children. 

Overall, choosing the right bed frame depends on your preferences and what you think is best for your kid. I chose a wooden bed frame for Artie’s bed because I liked how it looked, and how sturdy they were. 


3. Ease of assembly

Trust me when I say this, but you’d want to go for a toddler bed frame that’s easy to assemble. It saves a lot of time (and stress), especially for parents who may be busy. Go for bed frames that provide tools and clear instructions on how to set up the toddler bed


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Selecting toddler bedding sets

1. Comfort and fabric

Choose a toddler bedding set that feels soft and comfortable against your child’s skin. Cotton is a popular choice because it’s breathable and easy to wash. For cooler climates, consider flannel or a heavier fabric to keep your toddler warm. 

Tip: Get more than one toddler bedding set for both cooler and warmer climates. I got 4 for each climate so I still had spare bedding sets on laundry days. 


2. Design and themes

Bedding sets come in a wide range of colors and themes. Whether your child loves superheroes, princesses, or animals, there’s a bedding set to match their interests. This can make their new bed inviting and exciting. For Artie, he loved nature and animals, so I got him a mix of bedding sets for boys that had nature and animal patterns, like rainforest-themed sets, marine or sea-themed sets, and more. 


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3. Fit and size

Ensure the bedding fits the mattress snugly. Toddler mattresses typically measure 28 x 52 inches, so select bedding designed specifically for toddler beds to avoid any loose fabric that could pose a safety hazard. One of my tips is to keep your mattress and bed frame measurements in your notes app. It helped me so much, especially when I went toddler-bed shopping or needed to get a new mattress. 

Selecting the best toddler bed for your kid is important because you want to ensure their safety and comfort as they make the change between crib to toddler bed. By doing research and following these tips, you’ll be able to find a bed that you and your toddler will love.  

If you’re looking for sleep and nutrition guides for your baby, join our community today!

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