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Upgrading The Kids’ Wardrobe: How To Dress For Spring

Upgrading The Kids’ Wardrobe: How To Dress For Spring

As the new season unfolds across the country, the weather transitions from the chill of winter to the milder, more variable conditions of spring. In many regions, this can mean unpredictable weather with warm days, chilly evenings, and occasional rain showers. 

For parents, this season requires a thoughtful approach to dressing their children to ensure they stay comfortable, warm, and stylish. Here are some essential tips and clothing items to help you dress your kids for spring. 

P.S. I’ll be adding links to Artie’s items and other helpful links in the guide in case you want to check them out! 



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What is the weather like in spring?

Spring varies greatly depending on your location. In the northern states, the season can start chilly with occasional frosts still possible early in the season. As you move towards the southern states, the weather becomes milder much earlier. This means layering is key across the country. Morning and evening can be cool, while afternoons might be warm enough for lighter clothes.

How to dress your kids for spring

1. Layer your kids up for warmth

Layering is essential during spring to keep them warm in regions where it’s still cold. Start with a base layer like a light cotton shirt or warm infant jammies, and add layers that can be easily removed as the day warms up. For my 24-month-old son, Artie, I like to dress him in toddler boy clothes like a comfortable shirt and pants as the base, and then a jacket as an outer layer if he ever feels chilly.  

My boy, Artie, all layered up for Spring in his favourite toddler boy clothes!

Layering is great for unpredictable weather conditions because you can add or remove them whenever necessary. If you’re heading out with your little one for a trip or a stroll at the park, bring a quilt and a baby bunting. For families with older kids, you can ask them to bring a jacket or pack it in their bag.  



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2. Choose your kids’ clothes’ fabric wisely

When shopping for your kids’ spring wardrobe, the fabric of their clothes matters too! In spring, go for clothes with breathable fabrics for your kids. It can help keep moisture away from the skin and ensure comfort for your kids, especially with the fluctuating temperatures. Here are some fabrics I chose for my son’s spring clothes:

  • Cotton: Cotton is a natural fiber that’s soft, breathable, and gentle on sensitive skin. It’s one of my favorite fabrics for spring because it helps absorb sweat on warmer days. When Artie was a baby, I bought cotton baby sleeping bags but as he got older, I incorporated more shirts and pants made of cotton. 
  • Bamboo: For babies and kids with sensitive skin, bamboo is a great alternative to cotton. It’s incredibly soft, hypoallergenic, and eco-friendly. Plus, it’s breathable, which makes it perfect for spring. Some items you can get in bamboo are baby clothes and bamboo baby sleeping bags
  • Linen: For a lightweight fabric for your kids’ spring wardrobe, linen is a great option. It’s breathable and cooling, and it gets softer with each wash. We’ve gotten more linen items for Artie lately because he’s getting more active. His linen shirts and pants hold up pretty well, keeping him comfortable as he spends more time outdoors this spring. 
  • Jersey knit: Jersey knit fabric is perfect for growing kids because it’s stretchy and soft while maintaining warmth on cooler days. Besides linen, Artie has a few jersey knit pants that he often wears while I go out with him. 
  • Muslin: I love muslin because it’s a lightweight cotton fabric. Most of Artie’s muslin items are his hats, a couple of shirts, and a sleeping bag.

No matter which fabric you choose for spring, it’s important to choose the right one for your kids. The right fabric should be soft, breathable, and provide warmth without overheating. It’s also good to look for fabrics that are high-quality and durable for easy care and frequent washing. 


3. Protect your kids against the elements

Even on sunny spring days, a breezy wind or sudden shower can drop the temperature. Hats and lightweight, water-resistant jackets are must-haves for outdoor adventures. To protect Artie from rainy weather, I make sure his shoes are waterproof and I also like to have an umbrella or raincoat on hand. 


4. Consider transition pieces for your kids’ spring wardrobe

From winter to spring, there are a lot of changes happening. During the transition from winter to spring, the days get longer and the weather becomes more unpredictable. Many families can be sensitive to sudden temperature changes, and kids may get sick due to sudden rainfall or days when it starts getting a little warmer. 

At this time, it’s important to help your kids adjust to the changing seasons with their clothes. Transitional spring clothes like fleece buntings for babies and long-sleeved items like cardigans are great for layering. You can take them on or off throughout the day, and they’re also great for keeping your children warm. For spring, have transitional pieces in your kids’ wardrobe to help them adjust to the changing weather. 


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5. Choose comfortable and practical footwear

When shopping for your child’s shoes for spring, go for shoes that are comfortable to wear, and versatile for any occasion. For example, sneakers, sandals, and laceless shoes that you can strap on. When Artie was a toddler, I got him a pair of kid sneakers, sandals, and a pair of slip-on trainers. Eventually, we got him an extra pair of rain boots and kid outdoor boots the following year because of our camping trip. 


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If you’re planning to get shoes for your kids this spring, here are some tips you can consider: 

  • Flexibility and comfort: Look for shoes with flexible soles that bend easily with the foot’s natural movements. For comfort, go for shoes with soft and breathable materials. You can also consider shoes with soft leather to prevent blisters.
  • Proper fit: Toddlers’ feet grow quickly so it’s important to check your kids’ shoe size often. While shopping for shoes, always ensure there’s about a thumb’s width between the front of the shoe and your kid’s longest toe for growth room. Your toddler’s shoes shouldn’t be too loose or else they’ll trip. 
  • Breathability: Choose shoes made with breathable materials to keep your toddlers’ feet fresh and to reduce the risk of fungal infections. Canvas and mesh fabrics are great for spring. 
  • Easy to clean: Spring can be muddy and wet, so look for shoes that are easy to clean and wipe without potentially damaging the shoe material. 
  • Waterproof: On a similar note, waterproof shoes are a life-saver during the spring season. They can keep your kids’ feet dry during unexpected rain or when there’s a puddle in the ground. 
  • Non-slip soles: Safety is important so get your kids a pair of shoes with non-slip soles to prevent falls on wet and uneven surfaces. Look for shoes with good traction.
  • Easy to wear or take off: Go for shoes that are easy to wear and take off for your toddler’s small hands. Toddler shoes with Velcro straps or elastic laces are great for easy adjustments throughout the day.
  • Durability: Invest in high-quality toddler shoes that can withstand wear and tear from your toddler’s activities. You can also pass down these shoes to younger siblings or your relatives’ kids later. 
  • Support: Good shoes for your toddler should be able to support your kid’s feet and aid proper foot development. Make sure your toddler’s shoes have good support around the heel and arch, and avoid stiff shoes. 
  • Lightweight: Heavy shoes can affect a toddler’s ability to walk naturally and weigh down their steps. Stick to lightweight shoes that are comfortable and won’t do either of these. 



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Some kids shoes we recommend for spring:

  • Sneakers: They literally can go with any outfit and are perfect for any time of the year! Sneakers are also great for longer distances, like walks at the park
  • Slip-on trainers: When your kid is too impatient for shoelaces or needs to get out of the door as soon as possible, slip-on shoes are a lifesaver!
  • Sandals: They’re lightweight and easy to wear when you’re playing outdoors. 
  • Rain boots: Perfect for rainy days and places where there are a lot of puddles! Pair them with a matching umbrella or a raincoat.
  • Outdoor boots: If you’re going camping or on a spring road trip, get your kid a pair of outdoor boots for children.


    Essential clothes for your kids’ spring wardrobe

    Spring clothes for your baby

    Your baby’s spring clothes should be comfortable and warm. They should not be too tight or too thick or else your baby will overheat and suffocate. Avoid over-layering and dress according to the temperature of your room or the weather outside. 

    1. Warm infant jammies: If you’re wondering how to keep your infant warm, stock up on warm infant jammies. These are perfect for keeping your baby snug during the cooler nights of spring.
    2. Baby sleeping bags: Also known as sleep nests, these are ideal for nighttime as they keep infants warm without the worry of blankets being kicked off. 
    3. Comfortable baby onesies: These are the base layer of baby clothing to help keep your little one warm before layering with sleep nests or a blanket. 
    4. Baby jackets or buntings: An outer layer like baby jackets or baby buntings can help keep your baby warm while they’re in their stroller or playing outside. 
    5. Baby mittens: Keep your baby’s hands clean and warm with baby mittens
    6. Baby booties, socks, and shoes: Likewise, keep their feet warm and clean with a pair of socks, booties, and shoes


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    Spring clothes for toddlers and big kids 

    As our children are constantly growing, it’s important to have toddler clothes and clothes for big kids that are comfortable and stretchy. They should also be flexible and soft to allow more freedom of movement as they explore their environment!

    1. Kids’ shirts: Include stretchy and breathable shirts with fun and colorful graphics or patterns that reflect the beauty of spring! You can have a mix of short-sleeved shirts and long-sleeved shirts to help them transition from winter to spring. 
    2. Stretchy pants: When Artie was a toddler, I noticed how fast he was growing. For springtime, I got him a mix of sweatpants and lightweight jeans. On warmer days, Artie would wear shorts or khaki pants
    3. Skirts and dresses: If you have a girl, you can also get your daughter floral skirts and dresses. My niece loves wearing dresses every spring, and I just think she looks so adorable in her pictures! 
      1. Warm jammies: Like with babies, it’s important to have warm jammies for your kid. They should be made of soft, breathable fabric for the best comfort and warmth throughout the night.  
      2. Hats: Hats are also another popular spring accessory for the springtime. You can get a mix of sun hats and baseball caps to elevate your kids’ outfits!
      3. Comfortable shoes: Getting a good pair of shoes for your boy or girl is as important as their clothes. It ensures that they’re comfortable and won’t feel tired wherever they go. For Artie’s first pair of kid shoes, I got him sneakers from Skechers. Converse also has a great kids’ selection, too! 
      4. Socks for kids and toddlers: Socks are a great way to keep their kids’ feet warm in cooler weather, and it can help protect their ankles from chafing. 

      Download our checklist of kids’ spring wardrobe essentials in our community here.



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      Where can I buy my kids’ clothes for spring?

      You can get your kids’ spring clothes online, or through many retail stores like Macy’s, JCPenney, Maisonette, H&M, and more. If there’s a Uniqlo store near you, you should check out their kids’ collection too! I highly recommend their shirts because of how amazing they are in terms of fabric quality. 


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      As for the online stores, I went through Amazon to check out the options, and I also checked out RuffleButs and LittleSleepies. They have a great variety of kids’ clothes, and I love how they provide details about the fabric and sizing guide per garment. 


      Getting baby and toddler sleepwear 

      Besides shopping for everyday kid clothes for spring, don’t forget to shop for your kids’ nighttime clothes too! For babies and toddlers, I got most of Artie’s sleepwear on Baby DeeDee. I’ve always praised their items for their high-quality fabrics, and how well they’ve kept my son warm when he was a baby. 




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      Final thoughts

      Shopping for kids' clothes online can offer more variety and convenience. Websites often provide comprehensive sizing guides, making it easier to find the perfect fit from the comfort of your home. When shopping for spring clothes, look for online retailers specializing in baby clothes and kids’ apparel to ensure you're getting season-appropriate, high-quality garments.

      P.S. If you’re looking for sleep and nutrition guides, check out our Facebook community here!

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