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28 Gift Ideas For Moms For Every Kind of Occasion

28 Gift Ideas For Moms For Every Kind of Occasion

Finding the perfect gift for the special moms in your life can be a delightful yet daunting task. Whether she's a new mom, expecting, or an experienced matriarch, each milestone offers a unique opportunity to show appreciation and love. In our guide, we’ll share thoughtful gift ideas for moms tailored for every occasion, including birthdays, anniversaries, and even Mother’s Day!


1. Spa gift basket

One of the best gifts a mom can have is any kind of self-care. Treat your mom to a luxurious spa basket with everything she might need for a much-needed self-care day. You can include soothing lotions, colorful and fragrant bath bombs, foot masks, soaps, body scrubs, essential oils, and aromatic candles. Trust me, she’ll love them!


2. Hair accessories

Another popular gift idea for moms is to get them hair accessories, especially if they like to wear their hair up a lot. Some of the things you can get are hairpins, high-quality hair brushes, combs, hair towels, claw clips, headbands, and more. 


3. Personalized jewelry

On the note of luxurious gift ideas for moms, you can gift them personalized jewelry. For example, a ring or a pair of earrings with her baby’s birthstone, or a personalized locket with a picture of her family inside. You can also consider bracelets with their baby’s name engraved on them too! 


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4. A journal or a good book

These are two great gift ideas for moms who love books. If your Mom likes to write down her to-do lists often, consider getting them a high-quality journal or planner that they can take infinite notes in. As for moms who love to read, get them a book… or three! You can ask if they have a book wishlist or not, or you can check their Goodreads account for hints. 

P.S. You can also get them an e-reader like a Kindle if they like reading e-books!


5. A professional photoshoot

To show your love for your mom, you can organize a photoshoot for the new family, or for herself only. It’s one of the most touching gift ideas for a new moms because the photos capture the beauty of parenthood, or the mother herself. Another way you can level up this gift idea is by printing out the photos and framing them on the wall or adding them to a photo album. 


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6. Handmade items 

Homemade gifts are one of the best ways to show your love for a mom, and you can come up with a lot of things that she can wear and use in her everyday life. For example, you can crochet or knit her a sweater, a blanket, a shirt, a scarf, a hat, or even a cardigan! Better yet, if your mom is often out and about running errands, you can crochet them a tote bag. 



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On a different note, if you don’t have the skills to crochet or knit something, you can join a ceramics workshop to make them a vase, cutlery (e.g. plates and bowls), and mugs. 

Tip: If you don’t have time to make any of these gifts, you can buy handmade items from artists that sell them. 


7. Pregnancy pillow

As for gifts ideas for expecting moms, gift them a pregnancy pillow. They’re ergonomic in shape and offer much-needed comfort when the bump starts getting in the way of their beauty sleep. Other benefits of pregnancy pillows include reduced tension around your hips, lowered heartburn, less nasal congestion, and increased blood circulation. You can usually get a pregnancy pillow online or in many baby retail stores. 



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8. Sleep essentials

Besides a sleep pillow, another gift idea for a mom is getting them sleep products: soft bedding sets, silk pillowcases, bedroom slippers, eye masks, nightgowns, and matching pajama sets. 


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9. Prenatal massage

Pregnancy self-care is important for many expectant mothers, and you can take care of them by booking a prenatal massage for them. During a session, your masseuse will help you relax, reduce swelling, and relieve pregnancy pains. But if they’re not comfortable with it, you can personally offer simple prenatal massages at home like gentle back and foot rubs. 


10. A diaper backpack

If they’re a busy or a working mom, get them a high-quality, stylish diaper backpack from BabbleRoo. They can be a lifesaver on busy days because they keep everything organized in one place. Plus, they usually come with a lot of storage space for moms who need to bring more items while they’re out and about. 



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11. Other baby gear

Besides a good diaper backpack, other baby gear are also great gift ideas for new moms. Some of the things you can consider are bouncer seats, baby car seats, baby sleeping bags and clothes, baby seats, baby bedding sets, and more!


12. Chocolates

Chocolates are a timeless gift for every kind of occasion, and they’re perfect every kind of mom! If your wife is a mother, you can gift them a box of their favorite chocolates from their favorite candy brand or a gourmet chocolate brand like Godiva. 

Besides a box of chocolates, you can also consider chocolate-covered strawberries or other chocolate-covered treats like chocolate-covered biscuits, cakes, and more. Trust me, these gifts are perfect for moms with a sweet tooth.  


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13. Baked goods

Some would say that food is the best way to show your love for another. Another gift idea for moms with a sweet tooth is to show up with a tray of homemade treats or a bag of their favorite baked goods from a bakery. These can be sliced cakes, bars, cookies, fruit tarts, pastries, and even Mother’s Day-themed cupcakes. For their birthday, you can also consider baking them a cake and decorating it yourself. 


14. A fancy dinner at home

Whether it’s Mother’s Day or their birthday, you can cook their favorite food and arrange a candlelit dinner at home for your Mom. If you have a lot of time, you can get a meal kit to help you out, or you can follow a recipe. But if you want a stress-free and special evening for your mom, you can hire a private chef for a night. 


15. Baby memory book

For young or expecting moms, create and design a memory book to track all of their special moments. Include huge milestones, photos, personal letters, and maybe drawings or pieces of art. If you have a lot of photos and videos, you can also create a digital diary of all her moments throughout her pregnancy, like her baby shower, her first ultrasound, and the first time the baby kicked.  


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16. A custom family portrait

Speaking of art, a custom portrait of herself or the whole family is another great gift idea for moms. You can commission a local artist to recreate your Mom’s favorite picture or to draw the whole family on the spot. Either way, you can frame the portrait and then hang it on the wall to commemorate the moment!


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17. A puzzle piece

A family portrait isn’t the only thing you can commission! You can create your custom photo puzzle set with some of her best or favorite photos and then gift it to the Mom in your life. Plus, you can give her family an activity to try together as they finish the puzzle piece. 


18. Art supplies

If you’re looking for a gift idea for creative and artistic moms, get them high-quality art supplies. Gift them good paintbrushes or a paint set, a sketchbook, pencils, oil pastels, and more. You can also include a coloring book, a paint canvas, and more in your gift bundle as well. 


19. A fun day out with the girls

Reward the Moms in your life with a day out to unwind and pamper themselves. Treat them to mani-pedis, a fresh haircut at the salon, or a fancy massage/spa session. You can also bring them on a fun shopping spree and get brunch afterward! Altogether, they’re one of the best gift ideas for Mother’s Day, especially for moms whose love languages are quality time. 



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20. A night out without the kids

Offer to babysit their kids, or give them a chance to go out on a date with their partner for one night. There are so many things you can plan for their night out, like booking a reservation at their favorite restaurant and buying movie tickets for the movie after their meal. 


21. Show tickets

Does your Mom have a favorite musician or sport? Another popular gift idea for moms you can consider is getting tickets to a concert or a sports game. Plus, seeing the reaction on their faces when they find out makes this thoughtful gift so much better. 



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22. Cooking class or supplies

If your Mom is a huge foodie or loves to cook, sign them up for a cooking class. It’s a fun activity where she can learn new recipes or cuisines, and make new friends along the way. Besides a cooking class, you can also gift your chef Mom new cooking supplies too! 


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23. Gardening supplies

For the Mom who loves gardening in her free time, gift her a complete set of gardening tools and seeds. You can buy flower or vegetable seeds, or you can give her a range of seeds that lets her grow spices and herbs. These gifts are also a great way to help her destress in her down time and get a constant supply of fresh for your meals at home.


24. A bouquet

Another popular gift idea for moms is to get them a bouquet of their favorite flowers. If you want to elevate the gift, you can get three different types of flowers and arrange your own bouquet as well! Some of the best flowers for mothers are roses, peonies, orchids, carnations, lilies, and more!

Tip: While a bouquet of flowers may be sweet, some people might have flower allergies. Before preparing your gift, check if your Mom or the person you’re gifting flowers to has a flower allergy or not. 


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25. Tech gadgets

Gift the Moms in your life with fancy tech gadgets to help them in their lives. For household items, you can consider nursery sound machines, back massagers, a diffuser, a Bluetooth music speaker, or an Amazon Alexa to help them around the house. As for more sporty Moms, you can get them a fitness tracker or a treadmill. Relating to our “hair accessories” gift idea, you can get your Mom a high-quality hair dryer too!


26. A coffee machine

As parents, we always need a daily dose of caffeine every morning to wake us up from nights of no sleep. You can always gift the Moms in their life with a coffee machine paired with gourmet beans to start their mornings right. 


27. A breakfast in bed

On birthdays, anniversaries, and Mother’s Day, wake your Mom up with an indulgent breakfast-in-bed meal in the morning. Some of the popular breakfast ideas for moms include a classic stack of pancakes, a plate of fruit and waffles, and breakfast platter with hashbrowns, eggs, and bacon. For moms who want a healthier breakfast in bed, you can prep savoury omelets, granola and yogurt parfait, and creamy avocado toast. 



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28. A true weekend getaway

No matter the time of the year, your Mom deserves a real break with a nice weekend getaway. You can plan a relaxing weekend retreat at a bed and breakfast, a nature retreat away from the city, or even a staycation at a hotel in the city. Either way, your Mom deserves to feel and be treated like a queen once in a while!


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Every mom deserves to feel celebrated and cherished. With these thoughtful gift ideas for new, expecting, and experienced moms, you can make her birthday, anniversary, or Mother’s Day unforgettable. Whether it’s comfort, luxury, or a bit of adventure, there’s something special for every mom out there.

If you’d like more ways on how you can celebrate the mothers in your life, check out our community.

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