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Modern Parents: How is it Like?

Modern Parenting Today

Over the years, we’ve witnessed a gradual shift in parenting. Many parents today have started to forgo traditional parenting methods and there have been changes in the way they spend their time. 

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Wait, what changed?

In the past half of this century, gender roles in parenting have drastically transformed. More mothers are pursuing a full-time career and more fathers are staying at home to raise their kids. House chores are equally divided (hopefully), and many working parents are utilizing hybrid work settings to juggle both roles. 

Parents today are also switching tactics. Instead of the authoritarian rules of a traditional parent, we’re all about parenting styles that focus on open communication and family quality time. Modern parents want to be there for their children whenever they can.

Also, the digital age happened. Social media and pop culture completely altered the way we picture the ideal family - and honestly, thank goodness for that! I mean, look at Modern Family as a very direct example. It’s not all sunshine and rainbows; it’s more of figuring everything out at your own pace as you raise a kid.

(Even if chaos ensues once in a while.)


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At the same time, more parents in the 21st century are becoming more aware of issues and trends. Sure, at least five people in your family will tell you how to raise a child, but the Internet will also pitch in once in a while. There are so many things you can look up in seconds and it’s easy to gain access to updated information, whether it be news or products.


But that doesn’t mean parenthood is any easier

In fact, many parents do think it’s hard to keep up with their work and parental roles. More mothers are concerned about maintaining a flexible schedule, while some Dads may prefer to work than stay at home with their kids. 

During the pandemic, many parents may have struggled with adapting to their new settings. Worries about their family’s health and well-being may have caused a lot of stress and anxiety. In a post-pandemic world, inflation has caused rising living costs and various housing crises


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Parents are also expected to work harder and raise their kids simultaneously. They’re not allowed a moment to breathe and slow down. There’s so much pressure to be the parent that’s got it all, and the conflicting views on how to raise a child often cause guilt if you’re doing it wrong. 

Facing this kind of reality has caused many modern parents to feel overwhelmed with their lives. That’s how they learned how to adapt. 

So… What are modern parents like?


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We’re more money conscious

In the wake of rising living costs, we’ve really learned how to budget. Raising a kid is often expensive, so strategic budgeting helps to keep track of monthly expenses. 


We prioritize high-quality products for our baby

We know the value in investing in high-quality products that are convenient and will last longer. We know how to research our brands carefully and only buy products that we trust. For example, popular parent and baby brands include ComfyBumpy, Baby DeeDee, BabbleRoo, Lilly’s Love, and more. These brands are known for their innovative products that are safe and easy to use. This backpack is so spacious! I make sure to pack snacks as well as extra clothes for both my baby and toddler! Definitely a must when you’re out all day @deniise.ferreira ♬ original sound -


We’re on social media

Social media is our digital family and our community. There are so many fellow parent content creators/influencers out there. We share our hilarious moment together. Our grief. Our awkward moments. It’s real and we can find solace in shared parenting tips and advice. We know what’s going on, okay!!


 We value quality time 

Quality time is so, so important in this day and age. Despite working to pay the bills, we’re constantly finding time and other ways to spend time with their loved ones. We’re also more present with our children and their needs by being there for them as much as they can.


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We value mental health

We’re so much open to talking about our mental health with other parents and our community. We know the benefits of self-care and good habits for ourselves so that we can be better parents. We also know kids are having it rough in this generation - we’re in this mess together.

As a modern parent, one of the huge perks is the feeling of being seen. Having emotional support on days when you’re feeling overstimulated is important, and there are so many online communities that can be there for you. 

At everet, we want to be there for you. We want to be the friend you can rely on for parenting tips and updates. This is the first blog of our new modern parenting series, and we hope you’re willing to stay and grow with us. 


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