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15 Self-Care Ideas For Busy and New Moms

15 Self-Care Ideas For Busy and New Moms

While motherhood can be a rewarding journey filled with precious moments, it’s easy to prioritize their family’s needs over their own, neglecting time for self-care. 

But here’s the truth: Self-care isn’t selfish. It’s essential, and it also positively impacts your loved ones. Whether you’re a busy parent or a loved one trying to make their friends or family’s lives a little easier, here’s a self-care guide for moms who deserve to nurture themselves once in a while.  

The importance of self-care for moms

As moms, we often wear multiple hats — caregiver, homemaker, chauffeur, chef, occasional stylist, and more. Amidst these roles, it’s important to remember that we need time to recharge and rejuvenate. Here’s why self-care is vital in our lives:

1. Mental health

Prioritizing self-care maintains good mental health by reducing stress and anxiety. When you’re well-rested, you’re less likely to feel overwhelmed or overstimulated by daily routines. There’s a lot going on behind your physical self that don’t show but can be felt in the long run. Remember - your body keeps the score. Take regular breaks to decompress, clear your mind, and be kind to yourself.

2. Physical health

Self-care also includes taking care of your physical health, including getting enough sleep, weekly workouts, and eating balanced meals. Altogether, you can boost energy levels, strengthen your immune system, and enhance your vitality. 

3. Emotional well-being

Engaging in activities that you love can bring much-needed joy and relaxation. Nourish your soul with your hobbies, quality time with your loved one, and mindfulness through daily meditation or journaling. 

4. Role modeling 

As mothers, we serve as role models for our children. By prioritizing self-care, we teach them the importance of setting boundaries and self-love. In doing so, we empower them to lead balanced and fulfilling lives.

Now that we understand the significance of self-care for moms, let's explore some practical self-care ideas tailored specifically for moms.


Self-care ideas for busy and new moms


1. Take a nap

On our agenda of self-care for moms, let’s take a nap first. You might feel guilty for doing this at first, but trust me babes — you need it. Sleep is essential for our overall well-being, and it’s the only way you can feel less groggy throughout the day. Give yourself permission to take a nap whenever you need it, even if it’s just for 10-15 minutes. Thank me later. 

2. Run a bath 

Once a week, treat yourself to a relaxing bath at the end of the day. Start it off by running the bath with warm water, and adding a bath bomb, bath salts, or drops of essential oils in the water to soothe your skin. Afterwards, light up a scented candle, turn on relaxing music, and dim down the lights for the ultimate spa experience! 

Another way you can make your baths more immersive is by enjoying a glass of wine and some snacks in a tray or bowl. 


3. Go for a walk

On days when you’re feeling overwhelmed, go for a walk. It’s good for cardio and reduces stress levels. You can go for a morning walk before your kids wake up, or you can go out in the late evenings after dinner. Likewise, you can also plan the distance of your walks, and how long do you want to walk for. Healthline suggests 30 minutes of walking every day for the best benefits. 

4. Stretch, stretch, stretch!

When you’re constantly carrying your growing kids or catching up on chores without breaks, moms may feel tired or winded. Your back, arms, and shoulders can get sore too, and sometimes being in the same type of position isn’t good for your posture. Therefore, it’s important to stretch once in a while to relieve muscle tension, improve blood flow, and help with flexibility over time.


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5. Pick up a new hobby

Another self-care idea for moms is to pick up a new hobby. They’re a great way to destress, declutter your mind, and boost creativity. Start small with a book, a free trial to a sports class (e.g. pilates or an indoor cycling class), or try something that you can do at home, like gardening, crocheting, and baking. Either way, these are some of the ways to occupy your free time and wind down! 

6. Read a book

Speaking of reading, books are a great way to destress. Depending on your interests, you can pick up so many books from different genres, like contemporary fiction, fantasy, mystery, thriller, and even romance books! While fiction books offer a chance to escape the real world for a bit, non-fiction books can each you a lot of new things in your life. You can read a lot of non-fiction books about various topics, including motherhood, memoirs, and more. 


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7. Watch a movie or a TV show

If you’re not a fan of reading books, that’s totally okay! Instead, you can watch a movie or binge watch a handful of episodes from your favorite TV show. They’re a fun way to enjoy quality time with yourself, and you can even grab a couple of snacks from the pantry to munch on while you enjoy your down time. 

8. Declutter your space

For some moms, decluttering is a self-care method when the house feels too stuffy. Take a fixed time out of your day to tidy up, clean, and reorganize your shelves and cabinets. Make sure your time yourself so you don’t overdo it and spend your whole day cleaning (we know, we’ve been there.) If cleaning sounds overwhelming to you at the moment, start small with the easiest tasks (e.g. doing the dishes or organizing your kids’ toys) and gradually work your way into bigger chores, like washing the bathroom or clearing out the closet. You got this! 

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9. Meditate every day 

Mindful meditation in the mornings is another self-care activity for busy moms who want a way to improve their sense of well-being. It promotes a calm and stable state of mind, and you can benefit from reduced risks of insomnia, postpartum depression, and high stress levels. There are a lot of guided meditations you can try on YouTube, and they range from 10-20 minutes per video. Tip: do this immediately when you wake up, especially if you feel like you haven’t had a good night’s sleep. Just sit on your bed and zone out for a minimum of  10 minutes. 

10. Journal your thoughts

Besides meditation, journaling for mom is another self-care idea. Writing your thoughts out can be therapeutic for many parents, and it also lets you sort through the emotions that you may be feeling in the moment. You can do daily entries, weekly check-ins, or try a range of journaling prompts that encourage you to reflect on your current life goals. Journaling 


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11. Pour yourself a hot drink

When you have time to properly sit down and relax after a hectic morning, pour yourself a hot drink to warm your soul. It can be tea, coffee, or even a comforting mug of hot cocoa. Treating yourself to something small like this is one of the best self-care tips for busy moms

12. Book that massage

As moms, we get so caught up in our daily routines that we forget to take care of ourselves (literally!). If you see this, we want you to go book that massage that you always wanted to try. Or, invite your girlfriends out to brunch, a spa sesh, or the salon for some mani-pedis. You deserve to look and feel good, mama!


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13. Do skincare

Another way you can treat yourself is through skincare. On top of your usual skincare routine, put on a face mask and call it a day. Nothing beats the feeling of having moisturized skin!

14. Eat a balanced diet

Meal prep is a way to ensure you and your family has a balanced diet. Nourish yourself with comforting meals that are simple, good for your body, and quick to make throughout the day. 

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15. Ask for help

While you’re still a real-life superhero in your children’s eyes, you’re allowed to ask for help from others. It’s okay if you can’t juggle it all on your own. Delegate chores among your family members, and talk to your friends for emotional support. Most importantly, communicate with your partner and let them know what you need, like a quick nap, or a night out without the kids. 

As moms, we devote so much of ourselves to caring for our families, but it's essential to remember that we also deserve care and nurturing. By prioritizing self-care, we not only replenish our own reserves but also become better equipped to show up fully for our loved ones.

P.S. If you’re looking for a growing community of parents on a similar parenthood journey, why not join ours? We’ll be sharing guides, tips and tracks, and unfiltered experiences. Most importantly, we’ll support you throughout your journey!  



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