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Getting a Floor Bed for Toddlers: Benefits & Shopping Tips

Getting a Floor Bed for Toddlers: Benefits & Shopping Tips

When transitioning your toddler from a crib to bed, comfort and safety for your child are two of the most important things. Shopping for the best toddler bed was one of the ways I ensured this, because I wanted my boy to have a bed where he can rest and play in all the time while he grew. This led me to floor toddler beds, which I eventually decided to get for my boy, Artie. In this guide, I’ll walk you through the benefits of a floor toddler bed, how and where to buy one, and what essentials you’ll need for a seamless transition. 


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What are toddler floor beds?

Also known as Montessori floor beds, a toddler floor bed is simply a bed that is placed on the floor. They’ve been made popular in recent years because of the Montessori method, which promotes children’s self-growth and independence. An ideal toddler room would have decor and many items related to the child’s activities, and their bed would be close to the floor so that they can have more freedom and ease to get in and out of it on their own. 

When can I get a floor toddler bed for my child?

You can get a floor toddler bed for your child when they’re 24 to 36 months old while they transition from their crib to a bed. However, I’ve seen some parents already make the switch a little sooner, around 12 months and more. I started helping Artie transition around 18 months, because I caught him climbing out of his crib often. That was when I decided to make the transition and shop for his new bed. 

Regardless of age, it all comes down to how well your child is transitioning from their crib to a bed. There’s no pressure to rush the transition process, so if you want, you can start it a little later when you think your child is more ready. 


Are floor toddler beds safe?

Floor toddler beds are safe for children (mostly toddlers) who can manage themselves on their own (i.e. get out of their bed) and have strong motor skills (e.g. rolling over). These floor beds are meant to be closer to the ground as low as possible, so there are less risks of injuries from falling out of their bed. 

For mamas who want extra precaution, you can get a bed rail guard for your toddler’s bed.   You can get it online through Amazon, Wayfair, Target, and Walmart, but I got my son’s bed rail guard from ComfyBumpy. I loved how easy it was to install, and how flexible it was. I also trusted the brand because ComfyBumpy was also where I got my bouncer seat a year ago when I was preparing for a newborn

Since the bed rail guard, Artie hasn’t had any issues in his sleep. Knowing that my boy’s safe and sound in his crib on the floor honestly gives me peace of mind at night.  


Other benefits of a floor toddler bed

1. Promotes independence

Besides safety, a floor crib encourages independence in young children by allowing them to get in and out of bed on their own without needing help. This autonomy can boost their confidence and self-reliance. During the transition, Artie often woke up an hour earlier before me and my husband did in the mornings. Having a toddler bed allowed him to get out of his bed on his own to quietly play in his room while he waited for his parents to wake up. 



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2. Versatility and space-saving

Having a crib on the floor are incredibly versatile and can easily fit into any nursery decor. Their design is simple, often taking up less space than a traditional bed, which can help in maximizing room space for play. Artie’s room was originally our guest room, but since the transition, we’ve transformed it into his room. We wanted a bed that didn’t take up so much space, and a toddler floor bed did just that. 


3. Longevity

Most toddler floor beds are designed to grow with your child, from toddler years into childhood, making it a cost-effective investment. They can often be used much longer than traditional cribs. 

Besides the size, another way to ensure the longevity of your toddler’s floor beds is through the quality of the bed frame itself. Make sure to go for high-quality beds with sturdy frames so that the bed doesn’t move with your toddler as he sleeps. 


4. Perfect for family quality time

Another reason I love toddler floor beds are because I can be with my son throughout the day or night. I can spend more time with my boy by sitting beside him in his bed and we’d do a lot of things together, like storytelling and puzzle games. 



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Shopping for a safe floor toddler bed

Where to buy

You can get some of the best toddler beds at most baby furniture stores, both online and offline. Some of the retailers I checked out were IKEA, Pottery Barn Kids, and Target, but I also did check out Amazon and Walmart for more options. All of these stores offer a range of styles from minimalist wood designs to themed beds that can excite any toddler.

Some of my favorite toddler bed ideas for boys and girls include:

  • Wildlife and nature
  • Naval and sailing
  • Clouds
  • Car or racing 
  • Butterflies and flowers
  • Hearts and rainbows
  • Fairytale themes
  • Disney and Pixar-inspired


      @theexploringtoddler Here is an affordable option for a floor bed. A few years ago when my son was 12m, we took his ikea Neiden bed and used a saw to shorten the legs. There is still enough space under the bed for airflow, so this is a safer alternative to having a mattress directly on the floor. Are you looking to make the switch from a crib to floor bed? If so please save this for later! 🤍 #fyp #foryoupage #montessori #montessoritoddler #montessoriroom #montessoribedroom #toddlerroom #floorbed #bedroomdecor #homedecor #affordablediy #diy #ikea #ikeahack #ikeadiy #newbrunswick #canada #canadianmom #ikeacanada #boysroomdecor #dinosaurdecor #dinosaur #momsoftiktok #sahm #ikeabedroom #montessorifloorbed ♬ kodak catching paper planes by vatolocz - VL


      Choosing the right bed

      When shopping for a floor bed, consider the material and durability. Solid wood is a popular choice for its sturdiness and longevity. Ensure the bed’s materials are non-toxic and safe for children. The materials should be made from eco-friendly materials like hardwood and shouldn’t include toxic chemicals like phthalates, formaldehyde, and heavy metals. These are mostly found in furniture paint and dyes, so it’s best to go for toddler beds that are organic and non-toxic

      Besides safety, the right floor toddler bed also depends on size! While shopping, check the bed dimensions to ensure it fits well in your toddler’s room and is appropriate for your toddler’s size. The right floor bed shouldn't be too big for your toddler's room, and not too small for your growing toddler. It should be spacious enough for your toddler to freely move around in his bed. 

      Also read: How To Buy The Perfect Toddler Bed: Tips and Recommendations

      Essentials when getting a floor toddler bed

      1. Mattress

      Choose a firm and flat mattress that fits the bed frame snugly without gaps. The mattress should be soft, provide support for your toddler’s growing body, and be comfortable to sleep on. As for choosing the size of the floor bed’s mattress, you can note down the bed frame’s size dimensions and save it on your phone. 

      2. Bedding

      Opt for soft, breathable bedding that your toddler will find comfortable. Ensure all bedding is hypoallergenic and easy to clean. The bedding should also fit the size of the mattress without it being too loose. Finally, get bedding patterns that fit the theme of your toddler’s room— trust me, your toddler’s gonna want them! You can get a mix of plain bedding and a mix of themed bedding to brighten up your toddler’s space every week or so. 


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      3. Safety proofing

      Even though floor beds are low, ensuring the room is safe is essential. Baby-proof the room by securing furniture to the walls and ensuring no small objects are within reach that your toddler can swallow. Always pick up your toddler’s toys off the floor and keep them in toy storage bins or storage hammocks. Keep electric outlets and cords covered, and add a soft rug or carpet under the bed as an extra precaution. 

      Likewise for a safe toddler bed, remove any small object that might pose a choking hazard in their sleep. These can be small ornaments on their toys or even small building blocks. 


      @babiesandboardingpasses Loads of you have been asking what I do to ‘baby proof’ his bedroom 🫶🏼 The only thing i havent done yet that is on my to-do list this weekend it to secure the wardrobe and toy unit to the wall! #floorbed #montessorifloorbed #montessoriroom #montessori #boysbedroom #montessoribaby ♬ Little Things - Adrian Berenguer



      4. Room decor

      Create a cozy environment around the floor bed with soft lighting, accessible bookshelves, and favorite toys within your child's reach to make the space inviting and fun.


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      In conclusion, a floor toddler bed can be a wonderful addition to your toddler's nursery. It offers safety, encourages independence, saves space, and can be a stylish part of your home. With the right preparation and a little shopping savvy, you can create a sleep environment that is both comforting and functional for your growing child.

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